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GlocalizationBiz is a website where you can market your products. On this platform there are products available in many categories. Through this platform your products can reach a large audience in many parts of the world. It is a platform where you think globally but needs to act only locally. Small and mid size companies can take advantage from this platform for the promotion of their products. In short GlocalizationBiz is a platform through which you can expand your business horizon around the globe. The platform provides a web window shopping environment for the promotion of your products. According to a survey 70% of the profit for Japanese companies comes from abroad. Based on this survey study our platform can be a valuable resource for the Japanese business community.

GlocalizationBiz provides many categories for arranging the products. Some of the categories include art, furniture, sports, garments, marbles, engineering, medical products, software etc. Companies from different countries are registered on the web portal. There the companies can provide description about their company, the area of expertise, website link, details about the products and other useful information. This information can be very helpful for small and mid size companies saving them from different marketing related expenses.

Our team of dedicated and seasoned professional Call Center executives backed by state of the art infrastructure and technology can promote your business worldwide by facilitating customers in their native languages to choose products according to their requirements and provide you with feedback response so you can actually track your business progressing in all parts of the world. Our call center executives can also provide customer support according to customer's preferred communication medium through various IT based tools.

We also have years of experience working in the software industry. Our technically trained manpower can devise many technical solutions helping you in doing analysis for potential markets and potential areas to invest. Business Intelligence is an emerging field that can help the key decision makers in their decision making process. Different trends and patterns existing in the market can be analyzed that can be fruitful. Simple dashboards and reports can be helpful for making decisions. We have experience working in Microsoft technologies for devising a business intelligence solution that fits your needs.

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