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Profile of CEO
Prof. Hiro Takahashi, Ph.D.



Prof. Dr. Hiro Takahashi is the innovation professional researcher. He holds PhD at Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and MOT from Tokyo University science. His PhD thesis is based on Autonomous Decentralized distributed system architecture with multiple nodes having either only L3 cache or both L3 and L4 cache. He innovated DTS (Data Transmission System) architecture in present computer system. Dr. Hiro Takahashi was appointed Visiting Professor in NUST SEECS at 2011, Jinnah University of Women and Prof. / Director of ORIC at Greenwich University at 2015 and 2016. From JAN 2017, He was appointed Associate Professor at Computer Science department at DHA SUFFA University. He designed new computer architecture and radial BUS model in California USA. He had work at Super Computer domain more than ten years in USA Oregon and Silicon Valley in California.

His recently research is Ontology Categorization. This research is key technology for AI technology at new service industry. In the business is the public transportation service industry and need to predict passengers want. To provide highest quality of service, understanding passenger preference is main factor. His Ontology technology can classify each passenger requirement and reflect to enhance the service in the cabin in the aircraft and train. New approach he did recently, he proposes hybrid contents identify algorithm using Ontology and Machine Learning. This algorithm enhances the accuracy of inside of contents by text using Ontology and judge by image data on the website. He publish the book “Ontology Categorization and its implementation” in 2017 from ACM publisher USA. Another research topics is PAI which is Personal Artificial Intelligence. His concept shows individual persons Intelligence and knowledge are very unique compare others. Therefore human Artificial Intelligence should have individual manner. PAI will be able to implement any devices, materials, automobile and inside residence to help them life. His goal of research is making Personal Artificial Intelligence Smart City near future. DTS is the technology to enhance the total computation power in present Von Neumann Computer Architecture. He innovated block chain technology using DTS enhancing technique to obtain more hash rate for crypto currency mining. He is contributing Japan/Europe new blockchain project as technical project board and publish some papers on IEEE reviewed paper on 2018. From JAN 2019, He become the chairman of Pakistan Blockchain academic council. From 2019, he will contribute to design AI training program by the order from Pakistan New Government.

Research topics:

Data Transmission System (DTS), Autonomous Decentralized Multi Layered Cache System. Original Blockchain, Voting Blockchain, Blockchain hash rate optimization, AI. (Image detection), data analysis, Ontology categorization, Decentralized Secure sharing.

Blockchain Projects:

Sky-Hash: The 3rd Gen. Mining concept technical adviser.
CROSS Autonomous Decentralized Network exchange services and its decentralized Blockchain wallet.
AI Voting Blockchain design and its implementation.
AI image detection and traceability Blockchain development
Block Chain Academic Council (BCAC) was established at NOV 2018 in Japan under supervised by Prof. Dr.Hiro Takahashi. BCAC will have subsidiary organization in Pakistan from JAN 2019. BCAC will encourage Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence engineers and teaching faculty member.

He was selected the 1st generation of chairman of BlockChain Academic Council from 2018.

Overseas business contribution and Pakistan federal government Board of Investment council.

Prof. Dr. Hiro Takahashi had been contributing Japan/Pakistan business development using his own technologies and connection of industry. He was appointed federal government Board of Investment council at 2013 and Pakistan Japan Business council from 2018.

Dr. Hiro Takahashi also contributes toward energy industry and agriculture system development in Asian counties now a days. He established DTS Incat1996 and opened local company in 2007 in Karachi. Dr. Hiro Takahashi has been investing to Pakistan since 2001 over 10Million USD. At energy sector, he design Magnesium battery implementation design and its control technology (RAIC) and he innovated patent pending technology ADETS (Autonomous Decentralized Energy Transmission System) for natural energy generation unit such as solar panel, Wind power and primary battery as Magnesium battery to facilitate into Smart Grid energy power environment. Dr. Hiro Takahashi established Tokyo Multimedia at Karachi Pakistan to educate young Pakistani engineers and designers. Dr. Hiro Takahashi has been appointed as Honorary Investment Counselor for Board of Investment, Prime Minister Secretariat of Pakistan since October 2012 for developing import/export industrial business relationships between Pakistan and Japan. Some of his projects in Pakistan are water filter unit, Magnesium battery factory in Punjab area (energy sector), Halaal food promotion and Textile export arrangement. From 29th May 2014, Nippon Halaal Foundation was established in Tokyo. This organization are managed by Dr. Hiro Takahashi and Mr.Naeem Khan as CEO of Halaal Foundation in Pakistan. Nippon Hallal Foundation provides education of Halaal and Haram/Najis definition and promote the understanding Shariah’s law in Japanese people. Nippon Halaal Foundation gives the halaal certification process lecture and provides halaal certification in Japan. At education sector, Dr. Hiro Takahashi is also appointed as a Visiting Professor in NUST SEECS for computer science2012 at MOT (management of technology) and Visiting Professor at Jinnah University of Women from JAN 2014 at Computer Science department. From Jan 2015. Dr. Hiro Takahashi was appointed Prof. /Director of ORIC at Greenwich University. From August of 2015, Dr. Hiro Takahashi was also appointed the Academia Head at Mauritius Branch Campus. He contributes Mauritius local University, Institute to develop new education model which is called “Education 4.0”using his professional research “Ontology knowledge classify”. At present his research area is aircraft maintenance Wisdom by Ontology and mission critical operation staff health care and their emotion prediction by Ontology rule engine. From OCT 2019, He was selected Computer science at Emaan Institute of Management & Science.

Ph.D. of Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology

MOT of Computer Science from Tokyo University of Science

Visiting Researcher at University of Tokyo (Human environment department)

Visiting Professor in NUST SEECS (Islamabad)

Professor at jinnah University for Women (Karachi)

Professor, Director of ORIC at Greenwich University (Karachi)

Assoc. Professor at DHA Suffa University (Karachi)

Assoc. Professor at Preston University (Karachi)

Dean, Computer Science at Emaan Institute of Management and Science(Karachi)

Honorary investment counselor Board of Investment, Prime Minister’s Secretariat of Pakistan

Environment planner / DBSJ member/

IEEE Senior member/ IEICE member / IPSJ Senior member /HL7 member

Research area:

Data Transmission System (DTS), Autonomous Decentralized Multi Layered Cache System. Blockchain, Voting Blockchain, Blockchain hash rate optimization, AI (Market Prediction), data analysis, Ontology categorization, Decentralized Secure sharing.


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