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For the handling of such information and providing copyright - DTS, Inc.
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Ownership of copyright

The video has to offer on this web site documents (referred to as the Company below) Co., DTS has posted on this website, photographs, illustrations, images and a compilation that combines thereof are copyright are protected by law, in addition to belonging to the Company, copyright if these writings is due to a third party, are the property of the third party.利Limit for

A work that we have posted on this web site, you may only be and, for the purpose of non-profit, and personal use, reproduce by how to download, and other print-out.

However, regardless of how that in any case, I will not be able to (including acts such as the transmission over the network) transfer to a third party a copy. In addition, this web site does not grant any rights based on the intellectual property rights or any other rights, trademark rights, copyright and patent.

Handling of information

Information that we have provided on this website is provided as information only and it is not to any guarantee. In addition, the Company is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the content on this website.

The information that we have posted on this web site may contain other information about our products. However, we do not guarantee that the equipment provided by the Company in Japan and overseas with the publication of such information, there was introduced, software, and services.

Please note in advance (* Specifications other), since it may be modified or discontinued without prior notice the information provided in this website.About the use of personal information

Sending product catalogs, answers to inquiries, Notice of information about products and services Co., Ltd.

DTS is personal information such as manuals and catalogs that name by the user, e-mail address, you downloaded, the statistics for improving service I only used to get. In addition, your personal information is arranged chief administrator have been made to the proper management, you do not make a disclosure to a third party, such as.



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